Thumb vs Soother

I am re posting an article done by a lovely colleague of mine: Pam Nease: What are the pros and cons of soother and thumb sucking? I have friends that swear by (and against) both! Not sure what’s best for my baby. A: “You can take away a soother … but you can’t take away […]

When should my toddler stop napping?

By Sarah Bibi Patel – Good Night Sleep Consultant I don’t know about you, but as a mom of three, I LOVED nap times for my children! I was almost draconian in my approach to naps – my children eventually learnt that there was no 2 ways about nap time. What Mummy said, goes. All […]

Loveys, Blankies, Burpies, Teddies…. What’s your child’s favourite comfort item?

Linus from the “Peanuts” comic strip is infamous for carrying around his security blanket while sucking his thumb. An attachment object or “lovey” as it is better known, is very helpful when you are trying to help your child have restful deep sleep. It becomes something of comfort when one of the parents is not […]

Sleep Training Multiples

Once upon a time, I found myself with 4 children under the age of two. Yes, crazy! I had triplet girls who had just turned two when their baby brother was born. Most people cannot believe I survived, neither can I, really! But what saved my sanity was the fact that all my children slept, […]

The Dummy Mummy

BY PETRO THAMM So is a pacifier good or bad? My answer to this is it depends. Let’s start with the good…. Dummies have the wonderful ability to help trigger the sucking reflex in children and can also (according to Dr. Harvey Karb) help them access their calming reflex. It also gives breastfeeding mothers a […]