Good Night is a child and baby sleep consultancy that specialises in helping parents with children who struggle to sleep soundly and is tailored for parents who have difficulties with children who cannot sleep through the night. Good Night's aim is to help parents of children who are challenged by successful day naps and overall sleep health.

We specialise in all things sleep when it comes to babies and young children. This includes help for expectant mothers, parents of newborns, as well as toddlers and even school-ready children.

We teach parents how to help their children sleep well and self-sooth by providing a variety of services that include private consultations, in-home overnight stays, workshops and seminars. We also sell sleep-related products. By providing parents with a personalized sleep plan we believe all children can have the gift of a Good Night’s sleep.

Our trained sleep consultants are unique in Southern Africa because they are trained professional who undergo strict screening and education processes.

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT offer generic sleep training services! Our training includes modules that inform our consultants on the basics of neuroscience, nutrition, breastfeeding, stimulation, behavioural therapy, phycology and other sleep related topics. Our focus is on how these facets relates to sleep for infants and toddlers. We don’t follow one particular methodology (Ferber, Weissbluth, Sleep Sense, Hogg, Ford) , because what works for one mom might not work for another. Good Night is associated with international associations and accredited by the South African Sleep Association. We believe in a start-to-finish solution for you and your family!

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What Client’s Say

“Good Night has helped me so much with my twin girls. They were six months old and waking at least eight times a night. The consultant guided me with a sleep plan and since then we’ve enjoyed uninterrupted sleep. They are now just over a year old, and bedtime is just a pleasure!”
“Good Night has changed our lives. The consultant did an amazing job of supporting us through the process of sleep training our 10-month-old son. She put us at ease from the moment we met her, and we were also incredibly impressed by her knowledge and professionalism. The results we achieved are astounding, and we can confidently recommend Good Night to any sleep-deprived parents we encounter.”
“Our whole family has gained from this experience and we will forever be grateful for having someone to teach us the skills we need to make this work! I would highly recommend Good Night to anyone who has a child.”
“You helped us so much with Max’s sleeping, and I can’t even begin to express how life-changing a full of sleep has been for the whole family. Thank you so much from the bottoms of our hearts. We now have the tools and know-how to get Max back on track, which has been extremely empowering.”
“My little Mikayla slept through on the 2nd night of her program and has slept through every night since:-D. Thank you “Good Night”, we couldn’t have done it without you! “
“Jou hulp het my weer “sanity” gegee en die guts vir nog een (na ons gese het ons nie nog kinders wil he nie). Ek is vreeslik dankbaar. Ek kyk na my vriendinne se babas en hul slaap gewoontes en van hulle slaap is gereeld wakker met die babas en hul mans word afgeskeep en ek se net dankie liewe Jesus dat ek julle gevind het en nie in daardie bootjie sit nie!! Dis is fantasties om hom saans 7uur neer te le en ek en my man het bietjie tyd vir ons self om te cuddle en series of n movie te kyk voordat ons gaan slaap en sy slaapies en ek gaan haal haar uit haar kot uit 6uur in die oggend. Ons huwelik sou uitmekaar uit geval het as dit nie vir jou hulp was nie….”
Angelique, Howick
“Hi Petro , this is long overdue, but I just want to say a big thank you for all your help and support with Matthews sleeping. Although it is still a work in progress, bedtimes are an absolute pleasure.  Its become our special time and I no longer dread nights.  My little guy has gone from a baby that cried and moaned all the time to a baby that laughs and smiles all the time.  Thank you , thank you , thank you.”